Sunday  mixed age group class 1:30-3:00  

is temporary taught on Zoom. Contact us for Zoom invitation.


Private online classes are available on request.


 Summer camp is offered by Zoom on 6/22 - 6/26,

the rest of the camps may be switched to Zoom depend on pandemic situation.






Read about our teaching approach under Classes Description


Tuesday and Thursday 7-9 pm is reserved for adult groups

that can meet regularly for studying art,  or once for fun on special occasions (like birthday, alumni meeting, company corporate spirit, friends' or family reunions etc.); and formed by students or companies.

Call 734-288-8058 for an arrangement.The other time may be available.



Gift certificate for an art class is the best gift you can give to your friend. Contact us if you need one.




Almost NEW!

Glazing of the ready-made clay shapes, figures or dishes for all kind of Parties upon request..


1.Q: What age of students do you except?
   A: Any age starting 5-year-old.

2. Q:Do you have any adult classes?
    A: Currently no, but will have soon. So far you can join any class I have or schedule a private class for 1-4 person. I have adults in two Sunday classes.

3. Q: Are there sessions?
    A: No, classes are year round with exception of big holidays and teacher's vacation.

4. Q: Are the projects done in one class?
     A: Yes, they are two-hour one-day projects.
5. Q: Can parents join the classes?
    A: Yes, if they pay for themselves.
6. Q: Are materials included?
     A: Yes. But for some especially expensive techniques material fee is applied.


Duration of the class Group class (5-10 students) Private class for 1 person Private for 2 person Private for 4 person
One hour $20 $50 $60 $120
One- and- a half hour $30 $70 $75 $140
Two-hour class $35 $80 $90 $160

Registration is required for all classes.

The prices for drop-in class and continued classes are the same.

No upfront payment required unless it is more convenient.

Some special-technique classes require material fee.



We believe that art requires a particular set of senses, ones that can be taught and learned.

Let us explain our unique approach to developing young artists:

The 5 Senses of Art:

1.       Sense of space (perspective)

2.       Sense of relation between different sizes (proportions)               

3.       Sense of balance in placement of objects on the art surface (composition)

4.       Sense of tools and means (texture/medium, color, spots, shapes, 3-D values)

5.       Sense of a great adventure (the power of imagination and the joy of creativity)

Put these 5 senses together, and you have a successful artist capable of telling his or her own story on paper in the most impressive and expressive way.

In our classes we aim to help young artists explore all of these techniques and concepts in a variety of projects that challenge and teach, so that under our guidance, everyone has a chance to uncover their artistic senses.

Friday 6:30-8:30 (closed now) and Sunday 1:30-3:30

This class is mixed age group, from 8-year-old up to the end of the middle school. The projects include all kind of media and techniques, such as tempera, watercolors, color pencils, charcoal, oil pastel, printmaking, silk painting, mosaic, stained glass imitation, clay, glazing readymade bisque clay, jewelry, calligraphy. They are changed to be repeated only in a month or so. It is always a clay day once in a month. It is a 5-minute break between 2 hours.

It may be couple of older students in any of this group, who will work on more advanced individual projects for their portfolio. Their topics cover portrait, figure drawing, perspective drawing, architectural drawing, highly detailed landscapes and animal drawing, acrylic and oil painting, veil watercolor painting and life-size clay head. These projects sometimes take more then one day to fulfill.

Sunday 4-6:00 12+ and adults

        Class is designed for teens and adults to enjoy and explore whatever style they prefer with focus on individual needs. Portfolio creation and advicing may be part of the curriculum.

Private class for 1 to 4 person

The topics and subjects are discussed with students and parents and designed to better reach of the goal provided by them

New student 5-7- year-old Sunday 4-5 pm (closed now)

            The class is for the youngest artists and designed to give them the basic skills in drawing, painting and clay and develop their imagination in all possible ways. They also get unforgettable expierence with veriety of art supplies. The projects are multi-stepped and planned based on a short attention spin of the young students.

Day Time Age


1:30-3:30 pm 6-15


6:30-8:30 pm




5:45 - 7:15


15+and adults

15+and adults

The seats are available in each of them for now. The classes built the way you can join any time without missing some prerequisite material. NO PREVIOUS EXPIERENCE NEEDED.

No sessions. We meet once a week at the scheduled day year round with the exception for the big holidays.

The tuition for one two-hour class is $30, one-hour class is $20. No upfront payment required unless it is more convenient.

Private classes are available upon agreement for additional price.

Classes for Home school kids could be arranged in the morning for preformed groups.

Call to make appointment for portfolio discussion session.

We do birthday parties for kids and adults and are open for any new ideas.

For all questions and registration call 734-288-8058